We're transforming how society views our sexuality one mind-blowing orgasm at a time.


As a company, we aim to improve people's lives in three main ways.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives and is an important part of both our physical and emotional health.

Part of our mission is to help people become sexually-healthier. We aim to help people understand that sexuality is a natural part of life and involves more than sexual behavior. We want people to recognise and respect the sexual rights we all share while also having access to sexual health information, education, and care. We also understand the importance of being able to communicate about your sexual health to others, but most importantly, we just want everyone to be able to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy when desired.

Sexual Exploration

Our sexualities are as diverse as they are complicated, so understanding and exploring your own sexuality is key to a happy, healthy sex life. It means continually seeking out knowledge of your unique preferences and desires and equally as important, it means gaining knowledge on what experiences or characteristics you don’t want your sex life to include. That self-understanding helps you generate better sexual experiences alone and with a partner.

While exploring with a partner is great, it shouldn’t be your only method of discovery. You need the space to explore what you enjoy (and don’t enjoy) without any outside influences, and the complete freedom to try whatever your heart (or vulva) desires.

Part of VIVA Products' mission is to aid sexual exploration by providing the means and information required to explore your sexuality in a safe and healthy manner.

Sexual Empowerment

Achieving sexual empowerment for all genders is crucial to our mission.

Since gender identity is moving away from traditional binary views and becoming more inclusive, sexual health is beginning to look much different for many people. There are many factors to consider when discussing the sexual health of all people of all sexual and gender identities, from sexual transition treatment to mental and physical health to relationships with others. This can be an exciting time for each person to explore their sexuality and decide how sexuality and gender identity interact in their own lives, environments and intimate relationships.

Each persons deserves to possess the self worth, confidence and freedom to choose what they may with regard to their private and professional choices alike. Gender bias is unreasonable and wrong on so many levels, curbing potent individuals from not only striving towards their best but from living an independent life free of domination and fear.

A large part of our mission revolves around encouraging and empowering people to stand up and fight against long-overdue societal injustices regarding their sexualities. As a society, we're never going to fulfil our potential if the majority of our population aren't provided the same voice, opportunity, or rights as others. It's crucial that we empower people to fight until all things are equal and we hope to do that through our growing community on social media.

One of the most empowering practices we preach is to start asking why.

If masturbating makes you feel ashamed, ask why.

If watching porn makes you feel dirty, ask why.

If buying a sex toy feels like a sin, ask why.

If talking about your sexuality makes you uncomfortable, ask why.

What you'll find is that society has NO good answers to these questions.
So, where does all this leave us?

Our Mission

To reshape the culture surrounding our sexuality, allowing people to live their lives without feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or dis-empowered for their sexuality.

Our Vision

To build and grow a community of more empowered people, whereby each person feels valued and confident enough to voice their opinions on anything sex-related. We strive to help people explore their own sexuality in a healthy, open and safe way.

What can you do?

While there's an abundance of things each and every one of us can do to try and break this stigma, we've listed a couple of foundations doing some incredible work where your donations would make a substantial impact on the lives of many.

VIVA Products will double any donations made to the below foundations. Please provide proof of your donation to hi@vivaproducts.com.au

The Cova Project provides menstrual cups to African womxn, bridging the 50 day attendance gap between girls and boys due to menstruation. We create and distribute educational materials, with accurate visual representation of the girls, to build confidence as they strengthen their knowledge around personal health and development.

Family Planning NSW (FPNSW) is the leading organisation for reproductive and sexual health in New South Wales, Australia and the Pacific. Our mission is to enhance the reproductive and sexual health and rights of our communities by supporting all people to have control over and decide freely on all matters related to their reproductive and sexual health throughout their lives.

Womanity's purpose is to foster an inclusive world where every girl and woman enjoys full rights and equal opportunities. Their mission is to invest in audacious solutions that accelerate sustainable social change.

Share the Dignity works to make a real, on the ground difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or doing it tough. They distribute period products to those in need and work to end period poverty here in Australia. They assist those in need through collecting thousands of period products each year through their collection drives and campaigns and distribute them directly to charities across Australia.

At Equality Now, we believe in creating a just world where women and girls have the same rights as men and boys. We tackle the most difficult issues, challenge ingrained cultural assumptions and call out inequality wherever we see it. Social change often begins with legal change and so we use the power of the law to create enduring equality for women and girls everywhere.

LiveYourDream.org is a movement fiercely dedicated to ensuring every woman and girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential, be free from violence, and live her dreams.

If you need help

Below are some resources that we hope you never need but if you do, we know they'll help.

Provides confidential sexual assault and family and domestic violence counselling via phone and webchat. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Phone: 1800 737 732

Provides phone and email-based support for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, as well as for their supporters and the professionals who work with them. Available 9 am to 5 pm, seven days a week.

Phone: 1300 657 380

The Bravehearts information and support line can be accessed by anyone wanting information or support relating to child sexual assault. Available 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Phone: 1800 272 831

Compass is a national website with information and resources about the abuse of older Australians. If you or an older person you know needs help, you can use it to find support in your area.

Ask Izzy is a free and anonymous way to find national and local support. It includes services like housing, meals, healthcare, counselling, legal advice and many more.

Daisy is a free app developed bythat connects you to services in your local area. You can create a list of services and save them. This includes legal, housing, financial and children’s services. You can also search the internet with Daisy and understand what to expect when contacting a service.

Download Daisy from the App Store, here.

Do you want to be a part of #TEAMVIVA?

We believe one of the most important pieces in solving this puzzle is building a large community of people who can understand the pain of having parts of their lives stigmatised, and yet want to push against it, until one day it no longer exists. Because of this, we're constantly seeking new partnerships with passionate and authentic people to collaborate with on Instagram.

If you'd be interested in fighting against one of the largest social injustices our world has experienced and joining a team of badass people looking to reshape society, then please email us at hi@vivaproducts.com.au and let us know!